September 20

I left Sheffield a few days ago and spent a couple of days with my dear mum. At 80years young my mum is not one for going to bed early and prefers to chew the cud until the small hours. She also can rarely be found at home as she tends to travel the world spending my brothers’ inheritance at the drop of the hat.

Early yesterday morning she dropped me at the station and I headed for Gatwick Airport. It would be a direct flight which I managed to get at a bargain price of about £650. My goods had already been transferred from Sheffield so I travelled light with one suitcase and a smaller bag I got from my mum.

I spent 3 hours in the VIP lounge and boarded the flight, managing to get a whole row of seats for myself! the flight arrived late but it was still light in Tampa. Deacon Cris was there to collect me and dropped me at the suite of rooms that had been prepared for me as an interim measure.

I went to bed early!

The following day I borrowed the local deacon’s car to go and buy a new iphone but I’d never driven an automatic before! I couldn’t buy a phone until I have proof of where I’m living so that is my priority. This afternoon I explored a couple of apartments in the local area but think i will look slightly further afield now. Fr Tom has now let me borrow the truck … well this is just too much for one day! Off now to find somewhere to eat and then this evening I’ll be checking out some apartments from suggestions on a map. It’s all good so far. Just attended the vigil mass where the Assistant Director from the Cathedral played organ and piano and one of those I met at the interview was cantor. It was good to hear them in action.


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