Monday 3 November

After pretty poor Mass attendance on the two masses on Friday evening the one on Saturday morning was worthwhile. After Mass I headed for home to do some timely housework. I moved the digital keyboard into the spare room and sorted the bedroom. I also managed to permanently secure the dining table which had been precariously balanced on the pedestal since I had bought it. The circular rug which came with it also went down. A good bit of tidying I thought and then returned to Church for the evening Masses which were the Vigil for All Souls. The second of these was the grander of the two. All those who were bereaved during the last year entered in procession holding a candle each which they then placed at the ‘Wall of Remembrance’ close to the photo of their loved ones. Then these were incensed and Mass started. After communion a litany of the names of the dead were read in groups of ten while I improvised underneath and greeted each group with a musical chant. It all went down very well.

The following day was Sunday and would be the first of the expanded marathon. In addition to the 4 in the morning would be added another at 7pm in future. I approached it with some trepidation as they had been used to a quite different style over the last months. In the event what I offered was very well received and several offered their services as instrumentalists and singers.

Immediately prior to that I had spent some time creating lead sheets for the guitarist and finished this early enough to attend much of the Spanish Mass. I had already arranged to meet the musician in charge of this Mass so it was a delight to be able to hear him in action. They boasted singers, congas, violin, piano, and bass guitar.

I returned home feeling good and poured a glass of wine but sleep came before I had finished it!

I awoke at 7am and took breakfast so that I would be all ready for the Skype call with mum. We spoke for 32 minutes and although she was delighted to see me (understandable eh?) I did not have visual of her. Moments after I closed the call she was back again (by mistake) but this time with visuals so that was good.

I spent the day at the beach and came home for a relaxing night in. This week would be an intensive one.


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