Monday 10 November

Some time on Friday my technology got jinxed. My Armani watch lost time and my iphone6 failed to receive emails. I can explain both, I suppose. The watch needed a new battery which was easily replaced and the iphone suffered from the fact that I tried to download to it my I-tunes library. Of course it chose to delete all other documents and settings! … or was it human error? Surely not.

So Saturday was a domestic morning and I went in for the afternoon to create some instrumental parts for our flautist and to play for the 2 vigil masses. All the masses today featured, in place of a homily, a film relating to the capital appeal. St Lawrence is asked to contribute about $1.3million to expand and modernise the seminary (there are 35 diocesan seminarians!), build a new school and cater for retired priests.

After the masses I returned home and  was in bed by 10pm.

Sunday morning started early, as usual. The cantor was ill so I sang and played for the first 2 masses. The flautist turned up for the 1100 and therefore yesterday’s efforts were not wasted. The 1230 Mass also celebrated the retirement of 6 parishioners. The Pastor invited them to use their newly discovered free time for the benefit of the church community! Never misses a trick.

I went home during the afternoon to watch a film and then returned later to write some guitar chords for the 7pm Mass. By surprise the folk who had offered to play/sing last week all turned up. One was a very young but hugely talented violinist who sight-read all the parts I had prepared and then some more. At the end of Mass I was delighted to have a 16-yr old trumpeter introduce himself to me. He would play next week. The St Lawrence orchestra was beginning!

After Mass I dropped into the Longbar, a bit of a local and then went home for a bite and to watch Chelsea beat Liverpool!

Today Monday I got up late … well at 9am. I did a bit of housework then pootled down to the beach. In the afternoon I spent over an hour on the phone waiting to chat to someone about my social security number which still had not arrived after my application on 29 September. Why is it that a phone operative only gets round to you as you are getting into the shower? Anyhow I was assured that it takes 6 weeks for non-citizens!  I also did some paperwork and bill-paying then went shopping to Aldi. In the evening I enjoyed two films on Netflix. A relaxing day off!


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