Tuesday 2 December

I overslept today or forgot to set the alarm so I didn’t get up till 8am. Was in work by 8.45 for an intense planning of the school masses for the rest of the year. No sooner had I finished than I discovered that the photocopier had malfunctioned. One diagnosis proposed that the copier did not like purple gloss paper but, even though I don’t like it either, I don’t think machines are that discerning.

Anyhow I had a word with our tech guy and a few moments later I was printing. 600 copies were made for the school rehearsal which was to take place in the afternoon. That completed I was able to assist with the moving of equipment for tomorrow’s Advent Gathering and then return to the Church for the rehearsal. At the appointed time the heavens opened and the rehearsal was cancelled lest the cherubs get wet. I was the last to know but was grateful for the rest. Not so grateful was I for the knowledge that this was the only rehearsal for tomorrow’s weekly Mass and Monday’s Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. I’m not sure how I will manage it all. Await further instalments!

I spent the afternoon trying to sort the 3 funerals which had just landed on my desk and a wedding on Saturday about which I knew nothing. That done I was able to visit a local music store to purchase some replacement microphone cables and do a music rehearsal for tomorrow’s Advent Gathering. I was involved in the initial brainstorming for the event and fairly influential in the title ‘Living the Unimaginable’ and what this might mean. I will be very interested to see what the planning group have produced.

I left the office at 7pm with an unwanted printer discarded by one of our priests. The fax, copy and scan features don’t work but it promises to print! it won’t belong to me but will be very useful at home.

On the way home I stopped off for a drink and a cheese steak fillet with a banana pepper. When it arrived it was, indeed, delicious if somewhat unpredictable!

Another long day beckons tomorrow!


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