Friday 5 December

Thursday brought me to the office soon after 8am and kept me there for a long day. I spent most of it getting ahead with planning for the rest of Advent and for Christmas. Nobody bothered me so I got a great deal done. I even scheduled a meeting with the Pastor to discuss my proposals.

By 7.30pm I was decidedly tired and found my way to the car which took me for a meal and a libation. Back home I managed a film and fell asleep quite easily.

Today I awoke to see on the news that Martin Sheene is involved in a movie about the Bhopal disaster 30 years ago. In all these years Union Carbide has refused to apologise or take corporate responsibility. in the same way that Rupert Murdoch is being pilloried for tax evasion on a massive scale it seems that big business often finds it too easy to pursue legal loopholes which pursuit is, in itself, testament to its will for self-preservation rather than duty of care.

Today would have been a ‘day off’ had it not been for a couple of funerals, the provision of music for which falls within my remit. I did these happily and caught up with a bit of work in the office biding my time for the scheduled meeting with my boss. In the event he was unable to make the meeting and I drove home after the second funeral.

I got back in time to take a Skype call from my mum who is still recovering from a recent bout of ill health but is feeling better now. Immediately following her call I took a call from John Dillon, another Iona Community member living in Illinois. Having prayed for him on his allocated day for several years it was good to Skype him and put a face to him. He has recently been in a terrible accident and his body suffered multiple injuries but it was good to be able to laugh and chat as though we’d known each other for ages. It would be great if a few of the members (there are not many here!) in USA could spend some decent time in each other’s company in the near future.

It’s getting dark here so my body clock tells me I need feeding and watering so that’s enough for the day!


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