Friday 19 December

A great day off today which started with checking the website of my old school, St George’s College in Weybridge because its one-time headmaster had died and I wanted to know when the funeral was. The online interest then produced a request for me to contribute to a forthcoming Old Georgian publication on past pupils who had pursued a career in music. I managed to get the article back to them during the morning.

I then got a Skype from a beautiful Icelandic girl living in Ghana. Now this kind of thing does not happen to me every day so I smelt a scam and rather than follow my loins hit the delete button! then I got a lift from my parish priest to the end of term Christmas dinner for the school staff to which I had been invited. It took place at a golf club so the fare was pretty impressive as you might imagine.

Then I headed back home and have just had the longest Skype conversation with my youngest brother Richard. I’ll probably speak with him next week on Christmas Day when by Skype I invade the family gathering but you never really get quality time with each other at such gatherings. It was a joy to chat for so long.

earlier in the day I bought a piece of DVD/Cd equipment which Sony used to sell for $850. I bought it for $30 so if it works it’s a bargain! even as I type I can hear my dad saying “it’s only a bargain if you need it!”

It’s now almost 8pm and it’s time for a film I think.

Good night!


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