Monday 29 December

I was in work by midday on Saturday for a wedding at 1.30pm. The Dil Family Strings arrived at 1pm for a brief rehearsal of my arrangement of the requested ‘secret garden Song’. Of course it went well as did the wedding in general. I’m not sure why they requested hymns and liturgical songs in English when the whole wedding was conducted in Spanish!

The weekend masses were next on the agenda and this included my setting of psalm 104 which I had not done for 6 years. I’d forgotten it but is it Ok to consider that it is rather good? The congregations really got the long response immediately although it was more difficult for the cantors.

On the Sunday I’d have to admit to being really tired. When the alarm went it was an unwelcome surprise. I was cantor and organist for the first 2 masses and the ever-reliable Gerald managed the third and I was back again for the 4th. The 1100 was a real pleasure since in addition to having the choir support the music the Dil Family Strings were also there.

For 2 masses there was a visiting priest who was a professor at the seminary. He spoke a refreshingly unsanitized gospel about the family of Jesus. He would make a great pastor if ever he escaped the seminary.

Fortunately I managed to get away for a few hours rest during the afternoon and then back just before the evening mass because there were no other musicians expected at this mass.

Monday was a day off and with good weather forecast I headed for the beach. I was not disappointed. I retired in the early evening to a local bar where I offered the chocolates Bernadette Farrell had sent me. These seemingly inoffensive chocs had brought about the collapse of one of my teeth! I hoped to get this replaced soon.


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