Friday 27 March

What a week it has been. I haven’t had a day off since last Friday and I won’t get a break till Monday. It’s the lead up to Holy Week and that always means extra work but what I had not accounted for was a temperamental photocopier. I don’t know why I overlooked this … they always are. I arrived to start printing off the Orders of service yesterday and the machine would not work. The technician was called and arrived today at 2pm so I was not able to get underway until he had gone. Of course he hadn’t fixed it properly and after sporadic fits of performance it gave up the ghost at 6.30pm. I managed to get all of Holy Thursday and Good Friday completed but the greatest task, Easter Vigil, remains.

I’d have to admit that there is no shortage of things to do while one waits for the machine to function. This last week we have been urged to tidy our office areas in preparation for the arrival of a new Pastor (in July). Through this ‘tidy-up’ I have gained an in-tray, an attitude-adjuster and a filing cabinet. Next week I’m holding out for a Cadillac and a water bed.

At Tuesday’s rehearsal with the school I taught them Nzamuranza. I can recall hearing it first in Iona Abbey and have loved it ever since. The language presents something of a workout for the jaws but it is great fun and by request of the kids it featured in Wednesday’s School Mass.

This week also contained 2 evening rehearsals with the choir who are working really hard for me. Tonight I attended Live Stations of the Cross which featured many of our young folk. There were some great voices to be heard.

The weather this week has been changeable. On Wednesday it may have been in the 80s but tomorrow it will be sunny but only in the 60s. Next week the temps rise to 90F.

When I weighed myself this morning I’d seem to have lost about 6lbs overnight. This might convince me to stay with the diet for the remaining week of Lent! I am hoping to get out on the kayak soon so at least I’ll be exercising! I am most grateful to one of my colleagues who insists on feeding me fish on lettuce (yesterday) and dual soup (today). What is dual soup? One half of the bowl = minestrone and the other + fish chowder.

The best news of the week is that my US tax return prompted a rebate of almost $1700 which will pay off the car insurance here which is $1300 for 6 months! When you also consider the cost of dental work here, you get to welcome any money that comes your way.


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