Friday 15 May

I’ve been busy both with work and fun!

The saga of my teeth continues. as you will have read the medical insurance have reversed their earlier refusal and have since decided to payout on my treatment. Whilst this is indeed good news it will be $2000 from a bill of almost $10,000! The process for the implant is so lengthy that I may not get the job finished until January. I’ve had an extraction and the first bone graft and that seems to have taken well. On Tuesday I go to have my partial remodelled. Don’t ask me what that means!

Some time I the future there will be an operation to install a fixing and when that has melded with the bone months later the implant tooth will be added. At the same time I’ll have 5 crowns done. I had the crowns done in Sheffield but they were poorly done and decay has been the result.

On Thursday 7 May I had a cleaning of teeth. This was such a thorough procedure unlike any I have experienced before. An examination proved I requite one filling. There is also the possibility of requiring a wisdom tooth extraction and further bone graft to build the jaw in that area. This is not necessary so I may leave this until I visit UK or until my salary doubles!

On Friday I had a funeral which only briefly interrupted my day off. During the afternoon I received a call from the woman who sold me a piano. She was inviting me to a Jewish celebration so, having never experienced this before, I went to St Petersburg early in the evening. Lisa arrived 40 mins late and that left little time before the celebration. A tent had been erected on the beach and sun-loving men and women stared as the folk gathered for the celebration on the beach. It was all rather weird and alternative for a bunch of orthodox believers.

On Saturday While some of my choir attended diocesan rehearsals for tomorrow’s (16th) ordinations I did the music for two first communion masses. The church was packed for both masses and over 110 made this celebration. I stayed on until after the vigil Masses.

It would be great to say that Sunday went the way Sunday normally does. Musically all was fine but after the 0930 Mass a lady approached me as I was playing some Buxtehude at the end of the Mass. She shouted “You should be ashamed of yourself”. Continuing to play, I asked “Why?” and she responded, “You’ve stopped the St Michael Prayer”. When a few seconds later I’d finished playing I chased after her and was able to point out that the Pastor had instructed that this prayer no longer be said at the end of Mass from Lent onwards. She was of the opinion that I had instructed the Pastor to make this decision!

The only wholesome outcome from this episode was the number of supportive emails I received afterwards.

The following day was a day off so I left early with my kayak for Fort Desoto. I saved myself $5 by launching before I entered the park itself and following the advice of other kayakers I ventured on the waters for Shell Key. After a few hours I became inquisitive about a sand bar a little further off shore. 10 minutes later I was on this unnamed island. It was idyllic and although a few folk arrived later in the afternoon I felt relaxed enough to remain until the early evening when I rowed back. I surprised myself by finding the launch spot and my car with comparative ease.

On Tuesday the excitement continued. At 6pm one of my choir picked me up and took me to the playoff of the ice hockey. The local team won 4-1 and this was a tremendous introduction to US sport.

On Wednesday I worked most of the day and concluded with a great choir practice in which we learned my Ascension Psalm, God goes up, and also my setting of Psalm 116. we also tidied some other bits which we will use for the Farewell Mass of Pastor, Fr Tom.

On Thursday, yesterday, I awoke very late and not feeling too good. Probably I have been overworking and the humidity does not help!spent a few hours at the beach before going to the church to attend the Arts and Music presentations at the school.

This morning I awoke and realised that my response to the Iona Community’s with us process was due last week and I had not yet responded. I had been considering my response for some time and in the end decided on converting my membership down to Associate. Here in Florida I cannot possibly follow the Rule which expects members to meet together at regular intervals and having been such a stickler in the this regard while I was Family Group Convenor I could not in good conscience act in any other way.I have already received some very supportive responses from fellow members.

When I moved into this apartment I bought from a warehouse a sectional sofa. It was not a good purchase so now I have moved it onto the balcony. I had spotted a really comfortable sofa and armchair in a nearby quality store. It was a bargain but still quite pricey. It got delivered at 4pm and it looks great.

Tonight I drive to the Cathedral for the final rehearsal of tomorrow’s ordination Mass. One of the ordinands will accompany our new Pastor to St Lawrence so it will be a significant celebration for us. On my return I shall fall asleep on my new sofa!


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