Tuesday 9 june

Happy St Columba’s day!

Since I last wrote I have been to two appointments with a physiotherapist and had an MRI scan for the neck and back. They are certainly thorough here.

The weekend went fine musically but, as I feared, it was a real strain on my back sitting at the organ without support.

In addition to the usual stuff I played for a funeral of a young man who, hours after my own accident, died in a high speed incident at the age of 20. The church was full for the funeral. He had been educated at St Lawrence and the next door Jesuit high School. I was struck by the maturity of those who spoke their support that in losing a son they had inherited 650 sons who would be there for the parents!

This week at work has been one of preparing for absence. it is always more difficult to do this than to do the task yourself. I have a very expert musician covering for me who in turn is very complimentary about my skills.

My iphone has been misbehaving the last couple of weeks. I visited my internet carrier Verizon after a few days and was told not to worry. After 14 days my date usage had risen to 14gb and I was very worried. Verizon last night and Apple this morning discovered the problem to be a fault with the software for iTunes and they have reprogrammed my phone completely. I am now waiting fr the next bill and it promises to exceed my normal bill by over $260! then my famous complaint letters will begin!

While waiting for the Apple store to open I got a real insight into US life. It seems that people come to Malls to exercise in the cool environment. several parishioners acknowledged me as I waited and I was able to discover why they were there!

I’m off to New Orleans on Thursday so you may not hear from  me for a week or so.

Tatty bye!


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