Wednesday 1 July

I spent Saturday chilling as all the medical visits after the accident had really tired me. Then I went into work for the afternoon and the Vigil Masses. these went well and we introduced a new Cantor in the process. Vanessa is an accomplished singer and I hope she will be able to assist us again n the future.

The Sunday schedule took its toll as expected so I had to wear my neck support after the second of four morning masses. The 3rd Mass was the official welcome for the new Pastor but not the installation. I had remembered that Widor’s Toccata (5th Symphony) was his favourite so I played this after Mass. A new fridge had been donated to the music library so I was pleased to keep some food and drink in it. I had a few moments after the 11am Mass so I joined the celebration in the Celtic Hall and enjoyed a meal and then dashed back for the 1230pm Mass.

I went home during the afternoon but was so tired that I chilled again before heading out for the 7pm Mass.

Monday started with a visit to the physio and they increased the treatment levels. So when I went into work I felt really good. Normally this would have been a day off but the organ engineers were coming in the afternoon so I decided to work the whole day. I was able to get a lot of preparation done for the Sundays in July when we would be mostly using Cantors. I finished at 6pm and went home.

Tuesday was what is euphemistically called the Calendar Retreat. The staff had to sit through a day of going through the Calendar for the forthcoming year. After a while my neck played up but I remained at the task. we finished at 4pm but I remained in the office to prepare for the Cantors meeting at 7.30pm.

All were gathered at the appropriate time but there was an Hispanic Mass in progress which had been delayed by a woman having an attack. This drama continued after Mass and I was drawn into it but we did eventually start the rehearsal with the Cantors. We worked hard for over an hour and then retired to Higgins Hall where we quaffed some fine French wine I had prepared for them.

Wednesday began with another trip to the physio. These sessions last over 90 minutes and are fairly intensive. I left feeling great and headed for the beach and a day off. In the evening I visited the bar and relaxed with friends there returning home at 8pm.

Folks are getting really vexed over here about the Supreme Justice Court’s ruling on marriage. I was told on Wednesday evening that those who have changed their facebook photos to the rainbow flag have fallen prey to scammers. It is difficult to ascertain whether this is true or just another scare tactic of a certain lobby?

I have another day off tomorrow so I prepared for an early night’s sleep.


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