Saturday 19 September

Thursday seemed to be a day of medical visits and Friday started in similar vein. At 8am the dentist fitted a crown and even while this was taking place my phone rang. I later discovered is was my personal retinologist who somehow had obtained the blood test results ordered by another doctor!? He suggested that I get an MRI of the brain area just to rule out various possibilities as the blood tests has not revealed another possible cause of my left eye’s condition.

I spent the rest of the morning starting my online tax return for the UK. By midday the clouds had cleared and I adjourned to the beach for a few hours. I returned to do a bit more tax stuff then joined friends at Charan’s Bar. Back home I prepared a fine tuna dish and after watching a bank robbery film went to bed in the wee hours.

I awoke at a reasonable hour and fell asleep only to awake at a very reasonable hour. I did some more work on the taxation (while watching Chelsea beat Arsenal 2-0) before going in to work. I managed to get some more work done on the Papal visit materials I am creating for the parish and sorted out my agenda for the week. At 4pm I began the routine of weekend Masses. This weekend my voluntary was ‘Wir Glauben alle in einen Gott’ (JSBach). According to my notes on the music I had played this in 1978 in the church of St Jean Chantal, Paris. Happy memories!  After the second a friend from the choir suggested I join him for an expensive burger at Flemings. I agreed and it was indeed a fine burger.

Back home I opened a cider and watched the repeat transmission of the arrival of the Pope in Cuba.


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