Friday 10 October

You can always tell when I’m busy because there is a break in the frequency of these posts!

I worked on Monday as I had to prepare the menu for October’s School Masses. I also had a Cantor’s meeting on Tuesday night which meant that I had also to prepare the month’s Sunday Mass menu.

The preparation was broken by a wedding meeting followed swiftly by a meeting with the school council. I had been aware of some ill feeling among older students (13 yrs!) regarding my song choices. Their agenda was to return to lifeteen material about which I am largely suspicious. In the event the meeting went well and I invited them to see the connections between song choices I had made and the readings. The following day I met with the President of the Council and he really got it and I asked him to state what the connections were for each song.

In the evening the Cantor meeting also went smoothly.

Thursday became a day off during which I had agreed to play for the annual Founders Day Mass for St Joseph’s Hospital. I was a little surprised that there was an old Allen Organ in the chapel. I had to use this as the piano was locked and no one knew where the key was. The power cord for the organ had been re-routed to come through the swell pedal opening and across the pedalboard. Once I had obtained a screwdriver I was able to re-locate the power cord to the more conventional route!

I spent the rest of the day at the beach.

Friday was also a day off so I took my kayak to Fort Desoto for the day. I had not intended to stay quite so long but my glasses fell into the sea as I left one beach and it took me a while to retrieve them!

I was up early on Saturday to connect with my family who were celebrating the 18th birthday of my niece Catherine. it was great to see them all and although it might have seemed a bit of an intrusion to some of them it was the only way that I can connect and feel part of family celebrations.

In the afternoon there was a wedding at which the mother had changed everything since the meeting I had with the couple. She insisted on certain things because’ she was paying’.!

Sunday was much the same as most Sundays except that I stayed working during the afternoon. I was determined to get three days off the following week and at the same time complete my tasks.

There was a school Mass on the Monday (usually Wednesday) since the priests were away at a Convocation with the Bishop.

I spent Monday preparing the Music Editions for singers and instrumentalists for next week’s Pastor Installation Mass.

The first part of Tuesday was spent getting an MRI scan of the brain and eyes followed by an appointment with a specialist to discuss the results. Fortunately they found no cancer so my eye condition remains unsolved. I returned for another wedding meeting and did what I needed to ensure that the next three days could largely be holiday.

I spent Wednesday at a nearby beach and went into work in the evening for a rehearsal with instrumental musicians prior to choir practice. It all went well and so I stopped off for a little drink on the way home.

On Thursday I started with a trip to the doctor to discuss my blood pressure which I had been recording over the last two weeks. It had been high for my last visit but now with the help of some medication it was normal. I spent the rest of the day in Caldesi Island with my kayak.

I had been experiencing some loud noise from a neighbouring apartment. this started again in the early hours of Friday morning between 1am and 3.30am. I had again called out the security to sort it and on Friday morning I took it to the management. They were amazed as they had already sent a strong letter and decided to phone them to tell that in no certain terms …we’ll see what happens tonight! I spent the morning at the local beach and then returned to tidy the car and apartment and to get my air-conditioning examined by engineers. I decided that tonight I would stay in and now at 6pm I look forward to a time of ironing and lounge lizardry!


One thought on “Friday 10 October

  1. I do like reading your blog! Also very pleased that you are making sure you get some time off every now and then. All that kayaking…has the weather settled down into an Indian autumn? I hope ‘they’ get your eye issue sorted out soon! Keep musing! X


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