Monday 26 October

Saturday started early with a visit to a few Yard sales in a nearby community. In the event I only bought a cast iron Le Creuset grill pan for 50 cents (30p) and a filing cabinet for $5. there was a funeral at noon after which I set about moving things to my new office. I would have to wait a while until my computer was also moved but the space and the view were a great improvement.

During Sundays Masses six couples celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Perhaps it’s a sign of my age ..but they all seemed to be so young!

I spent Monday at the beach and Tuesday I continued with the office move as well as sorting the usual weekly stuff.

Wednesday began with a School Mass and continued without a break to be a thirteen hour day ending with choir practice. I was not feeling well and spluttered my way through it.

On Thursday I worked a couple of hours and then left for the beach having completed my hours for the week.

On Friday I visited the doctor about what appeared to be a chest infection and about a recurrence of a problem with my left foot. I had sliced it on some glass some weeks earlier and an x-ray had shown no foreign object. The return of the problem prompted a further x-ray. The doctor was more concerned about the rattle in my chest and this also needed an x-ray. I had been suffering for 11 days by this stage (lest you think I am a hypochondriac!).

Thank god for benefits but how do the poor cope? I pay $25 to see a doc but I have insurance and a good income. My portion of the x-ray costs came to a further $52.For the unemployed or low earners it must be a matter of praying to get better.

I had a slow start to Saturday and took some calls from friends. I went into the office and continued sorting the office and prepared for the Vigil Masses and some celebrations during the next week.

During the Liturgy of the Word of the 4pm Mass I was aware that a woman came and sat in the pew immediately behind me on the piano. An 11 yr old violinist was already positioned at the end of the bench but moved to accommodate her.

After a while and particularly during the homily I was aware that the woman was talking and distracting the violinist so I asked her to move further along the bench and positioned myself between her and the youngster. When I had to leave the bench I asked her mother to occupy that position but she misunderstood and instead placed the violin case there.

Apart from a further request from the woman to play some Praise Music (!) there was no further distraction until the end of Mass.

As I played the final organ voluntary, the rather tricky Fugue from the Fantasia in G minor the woman came over and whispered that I was fantastic and asked could she sit on the bench as I played. I responded with a firm NO but she continued to settle towards the bench so I stopped playing, reminded her that she had asked me a question and I had said NO and that was the end of it. She felt this to be unwelcoming behavior from me and went to see someone about it.

it is really heart-breaking when your natural disposition of hospitality to all regardless of their mental status has to be balanced by child protection as well as self-protection.

The rest of the Masses went well and I was happy that I had not forgotten how to play this particularly difficult piece of Bach.

I returned home during the afternoon for a rest as the illness was sapping my energy. Back for the Evening Mass I was disappointed that the Cantor was not sufficiently prepared to sing the psalm. I was not willing to attempt to cough my way through it so I asked the reader to read it while I improvised behind it. The main talking point was that the appointed priest did not arrive and it was almost 20 minutes before a replacement was found. this gave me an opportunity to rehearse again the new Mass setting.

Today Monday should have been a day off but I had a funeral at noon which needed preparing. A young 27 yr old had died in a car crash and the family were catatonic. we decided that we would present questions to God who had allowed so untimely a death. The Mass was dignified and the readings and psalm expressed their situation perfectly.

After the funeral I had a rehearsal with an amazing Gospel singer for a funeral later this week.

On my way home I stopped at Goodwill and bought a Peavey amp with two speakers for $30 and a Sony Reader for $10. Bargains!!!!


One thought on “Monday 26 October

  1. I don’t know how you can talk and play, even to say no! The best I can do is nod or shake my head rather like a game of charades. When I moved churches a few years ago I kept my limited organ playing off the record but I miss the discipline of practicing for something every week. Perhaps a few fluffy toys blocking the ends of the bench 🙂


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