Friday 29 January

Monday was a day off but I went in for a funeral and then returned to do a bit of tidying up. I ended the day in Charan’s Bar meeting up with friends.

Tuesday I was back in the office with a vengeance as I sought to catch up with various emails and prepare for the evening’s meeting with Cantors. After the school liturgical music practice I stupidly elected to visit Office Depot to exchange an item which had a part missing. I was stupid not to realise that this was the worst time to travel and got caught in traffic.

Since I had been away the Diocese had introduced a computerised system of clocking in. It seemed a little complex at first but really demands a lot of my memory to use it! I can access the system via my mobile so this should work well.

On Wednesday I arrived for School Mass which went very well, did a bit of preparation and then went home for a few hours in which I booked a flight to London for the wedding of my brother Richard in August. It was quite expensive especially when you consider that I’d only be staying a few days. I returned to work later to prepare for choir practice and work with a couple of singers on the new choir library. The rehearsal went very well and benefitted from me being less tired than usual.

On Thursday I went to keep and appointment with the doctor but discovered that he had left the practice in a hurry two weeks ago! I now have to search out a new doctor. I used the time to visit my bank and set up a few facilities and met a financial adviser. Then I did a wedding which had only been arranged two days earlier. They were a lovely couple and I played some lighter music than I would normally … ‘We’ve only just begun’ and some other bits from a wedding music book someone (I can’t recall who!) had lent me.

I had lunch at the Long Bar … a lovely Chicken Caesars Salad before returning to my apartment to tidy the ‘office’ area. Then I went to Charan’s and drank rather too many cranberries. I was happily interrupted at one point by my brother Chris who had decided to Skype me. Having left the car at home I was able to continue at the Long Bar where I met up with a few friends, had a couple more cranberries and got the details for a tax adviser.

Back home I opened a rather nice white wine and fell asleep.

Today, Friday I slept in for more than I would usually manage before heading for the beach at 11am. It was sunny but not very warm so I only stayed a couple of hours before returning to the apartment to continue tidying. I got bored of that pretty soon so Netflix distracted until it was time for bed.


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