Tuesday 16 February

I met my lawyer this morning and he was wonderful. he told me quite honestly that it was unlikely that this second accident would achieve such positive financial results as the previous one that he should not take on the case and then accept 33% fee. Instead he offered me advice there and then and said if I needed it in the future I should just ring. this is a welcome response from someone who is clearly not part of the litigation culture.

I then worked for a few hours, lunched with a music colleague, rehearsed the school for tomorrow’s Mass and then kept an appointment with Bay Area Injury Rehab to assess my condition. They found muscle spasm as expected and sent me to get an MRI.

I had choir practice in the evening and we did some great work on Stainer’s God so loved the world.

After the school Mass on Wednesday I did a bit of work and then met with a young violinist to rehearse for a wedding on Saturday. After this I returned home and spent some time at the pool. there I met a delightful woman who had transferred her career aspirations from medical to financial. She invited me to an event her company was managing the following day. At 4pm I had an MRI done on my neck and then returned to work for the Lent Gathering.

Thursday started with a visit to the physio followed by time in the office. My meeting with the Pastor got cancelled so I did a bit of admin and then retired to the beach. In the evening I attended the financial event arising from my encounter at the pool. The event took place at a good Italian grill restaurant at the International Plaza. I was greeted by an invitation for a drink so I waived my Lent practice temporarily and agreed to a craft beer. A two course meal followed during which some one from a financial institution spoke to us. the food was great and the talk was intriguing. Having broken Lent  dropped into Charann’s and had some trappiste beers. There was one moment when one of my friends rose to the bait of another … this happens all too frequently here …but it dissipated eventually and then I left for home and to type  this log!





One thought on “Tuesday 16 February

  1. Hi Phil….good to see that medical and financial matters are being dealt with. It’s a far cry from the apparently half-hearted care we have here. Having said that….I visited a consultant yesterday about my left ear which I thought was injured by a very loud lesson alarm going off several times in a very small room. Turns out, it had been infected (cured now) but remained blocked in the middle ear. It requires an operation, but nothing too serious to put a grommet in to allow air back into the ear. I can’t wait as it is affecting the feedback I’m getting whilst playing all the wind instruments….like I’m underwater etc. Half-term’s been good….I’ve almost finished a show nr Newcastle (Anything Goes), met with publisher over my latest book “Floaty Fagotti”…8 Trios for beginner bassoonists (could be out Monday), done a lot of tidying up and made a few more arrangements for the kitchen extension at the back of the house. Also, a student has returned for bassoon lessons fron Durham University……he’d like weekly lessons (max of 11p.a.) so I’ll see what I can do. Publisher is keen to release my bassoon 4tets and 5tets soon alongside some junior windband pieces and my jazz piece for 2 oboes, 3 bassoons, contra, piano, guitar and drums. Also he and his wife are semi-retiring so he’s done a 5 year deal with Spartan Press which will open up my music to the American and Chinese markets. Could be good …..my royalty percentage goes down but I don’t honestly care…I just want the music “out there”. Enough for now…I really must crack on to a week of report-writing (100+) on top of everything else….at least I have no playing engagements next week.

    Take care
    Love Andy


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