Thursday 12 May

It’s almost two weeks since my last posting and I can barely remember what happened each day so this will be something of a stream of consciousness posting.

The most annoying thing in this period happened on Sunday 8 May. I left my car at a local beauty spot and went to idle a few hours. On my return I discovered that the car had been keyed down one side and quite deliberately. There was nothing I could do but get it repaired. I checked with a parishioner who worked for Toyota so on Tuesday I took it into Nissan for an estimate which came to $2500! The insurance assessor reported the damage to cost $800. There was such a disparity between the two estimates that I’ve asked for a review. In the meantime I have a rental car, a 2016 Nissan Altima. It’s a lovely car but I cant put my kayak on it!

My last kayak trip was to Fort Desoto which has become my favourite spot. It was only a few days ago but I miss it.

The great family news is that my youngest brother who lost his job over 3 months ago now has found the job of his dreams. He gets married in August so this is fortuitous indeed.

I was a bit niggled a few days ago. A young couple asked me to play for their wedding a year ago. At the time I must have suggested that I could produce an Order of service for them. Since that time they have decided on using musician friends who cost nothing but still want me to produce the Order. I spent 2 hours with her on Wednesday night and a further two on Thursday morning. She’s quite pushy and spends more time issuing demands than thanks … I suppose its her youth!

I’ve been trying to sort my US finances recently and have now decided on investing with Ameriprise. I could be here till retirement so it seems sensible.

Politically over here it is wild. Neither Trump nor Clinton are welcomed by the people I speak with yet someone is keeping their hopes alive. Unbelievably I met an early retired colonel who really supports Trump. I’m with the new Mayor of London, I’m afraid.



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