Saturday 25 June

Thursday was an official day off but I had 2 funerals at 11am and 2.30pm so I went in but, because I would receive a large fee for the funerals, I did not log in the hours. I had lunch with my friend, Marty, who would be covering for me over the weekend.

In the evening I visited Charann’s and then went home to watch the developments with the EU election. I was delighted that the pound was rising so much and so quickly.

During the night my phone pinged several times so i was aware that things were developing in an unexpected way. My sleep was hugely disturbed.

I spent Friday on an island off Fort Desoto. It seemed the best thing with so much depression in the air over EU. In the evening the atmosphere at Charann’s was subdued among some of my Irish friends. I had a great conversation with a couple of folk and then went home to pack.

On Saturday I packed stuff into my car for my holiday in Sanibel. Then I left my kayak in storage as I had heard the previous night from the apt owner that there were kayaks available onsite.

I had  a funeral Mass to play for before leaving for Sanibel. The journey was intersting in that it explored territory I had not  visited before. It was also interesting for the number of storms I had to cross. I got to the apt by 3pm. The lady at reception mentioned a cart which might assist me with the transfer of stuff from my car to the apartment. I looked and found a golf cart so I took this. It took me a while to find reverse gear but quite soon I was an expert. I was offloading the gear when a guy approached me accusing me of stealing his golf cart. He had been about to call the police.

When I got back to the apartment the maid had just returned. Unfortunately my wallet was missing and i feared the worst. You know how your thoughts go in such instances? What made it worse was that the maid felt vulnerable and helped me search the place. I eventually found the wallet and she was happy. She was also able to pass on to me her own key as the one I’d been sent did not work.

The vigil Mass at St Isabel Church was at 5pm and I managed to get there only 4 minutes late. It was good to hear a homily about costly discipleship. I spotted a family from St Lawrence and it turned out that they owned much of the island!

After Mass I drove to Captiva Island and dined at The Mucky Duck on fresh grouper and jai alai beer from Tampa! I returned home and watched a few episodes of West Wing washed down with a bottle of fine red.

Adele is expected to make an appearance on a chat show so I may stay up for that but no promises!


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