Tuesday 16 August

Monday 8 August was a day off so I hit the beach until it rained and then did a bit (lot) of ironing and washing. The following day I set myself the job of completing Presider Editions for my brother’s wedding to Camille. I managed this and sent them off.

Wednesday began around midday with a funeral and time in the office before the final St Lawrence Feast Day Mass. We had already really celebrated it over the weekend but this was the last time we would celebrate it on the day itself. Twelve members of the choir turned up and there were 17 people in the congregation!

I was in work again for Thursday tidying up some loose ends before heading for the beach. At this time of year the storms develop early in the afternoon so beach time did not last long. The following day, a day off, would be better.

On Saturday I had two funerals in addition to the Vigil Mass so I spent the whole day at work. The first funeral was in Spanish and the second featured one of our cantors who is an accomplished singer. After the Vigil Mass I was invited to join a family for a meal. Unfortunately I had already eaten a decent meal at a Cuban restaurant at 3pm and eating again at 5.30pm meant I could only manage a soup (and a couple of beers).

Sunday meant the usual sequence of Masses with a gap in the middle of the day which I spent chatting with my brother Richard and his fiancee about the wedding ceremony. This meant further changes to the booklet I had prepared.

Monday, normally a day off, was the solemnity of Assumption. In USA a holy day which falls on a Saturday or Monday is not a day of obligation so many people stay away. I played for 3 Masses spread between 8.30am and 7pm. My annual playing of THE ASSUMPTION by Bill Hayward was made more poignant by the fact that he had died earlier in the year. During the day I met with my line manager about the Green Card. Fortuitously he knew some one  in the Diocese who was managing this process for 6 other persons. So I was able to fill out the forms and return them very quickly. This would be the first stage of the process which would enhance my status in USA.

Tuesday started later due to the red wine the previous evening! I changed the toner on the copier at work and was able to make a better job of the printing of the Worship Aids for my brother’s wedding. The School began again so I had to prepare materials for the School Masses starting the following day. I left the office at 3pm and picked up some shoes I had left for repair. I was also able to collect two new suits, one of which I would wear at the wedding in England.

In the evening while a mighty storm raged I had my hair cut, downed a few beers and started packing for my return to UK.



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