Monday 3 October

In my last blog I forgot to mention that increasingly I had noticed I was being bitten in my apartment. Over two particular nights I was experiencing an onslaught and imagined mosquitoes with machine guns. Action was required. On the Sunday I left for church but left three canisters ‘fogging’ the place with poison. When I returned in the afternoon I found various bugs dead and have had no bites since.

This week has been busy but I still manage to guard my days off and my sanity. School Mass was wonderful on Wednesday with really good singing from the choir. I spent the rest of the morning communicating with choir, cantors and instrumentalists. Then had a break by the pool for the afternoon returning later to the office to prepare materials for choir practice.

I had given over Thursday to work on the next month’s school Masses but the material I required from the school arrived so late I started on other things instead. I had a webinar on music technology at midday and a 2-hour staff meeting immediately after that. I then joined friends at the bar.

I spent Friday with my kayak visiting Tarpon Springs to where I had been reccommended. In the event it was not so impressive so I adjourned to the Causeway from Dunedin and launched my kayak to Caladesi Island where I spent much of the day.

Saturday was spent with office, a funeral and a vigil Mass with sporadic work in between on the school Masses. I was happy to have completed the monthly song sheet and got 650 copies printed.

Sunday was much as ever. I reintroduced my New Wine Glory and Lamb of God alongside John Bell’s Greenbelt Alleluia, a plainsong ‘Lord have mercy’ and Mass of Creation acclamations. I can aver that many have not lost their memory yet! We had a visiting priest from Togo speaking at all Masses. as a gift to him at the final Mass I sang John Bell’s version of Je lourai l’eternel. It turned out to be one of his favourites and he sang along with me!

Today I am attempting to clean the apartment. I’ve done a fairly good job of filing correspondence but have caused a mess in the process. Still there is a lot of paper awaiting the trash collection and that must be good!


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