Tuesday 21 February

Thursday 16 February began with an empty feeling in my stomach. I was forbidden food or drink prior to my dental surgery at 1.30pm. I actually arrived at 1pm driven by a friend, Wayne, who had to wait around for the duration of the surgery and then drive me home. Unfortunately my surgery was delayed a further hour till 2.30pm and it was all completed by 3.15pm.

Immediately prior to surgery is probably not the best time to berate the surgeon for keeping me waiting. Indeed his response was to joke about inadequate staff and then moments later I was under anaesthetic with the extraction of four wisdom teeth (one impacted) and a bone graft on the agenda.

I was unable to do much that evening except collect the prescribed antibiotics and pain pills. The following day I felt the results of the operation. My mouth had swollen massively and was very tender. Stupidly I thought it might be OK to have a drink with friends that Friday evening. I didn’t want to drive so I walked the 30 minutes to the bar (not a great idea) and then had to ask to be driven home after a couple of drinks. I was exhausted!

On Saturday I had secured a cover musician for a wedding and the following Vigil Mass. In the event the swelling and pain had not subsided during the day so I extended the cover to include Sunday. It was good to hear of concern expressed for my recovery.

My diet has changed as you can imagine to yoghurt, soft fruit and mashed potato! I should be losing weight as a consequence but the loss is not as obvious as I’d hoped.

During the weekend I killed time on the beach as I was becoming crazy with cabin fever in my apartment. Monday was the best day with temperatures rising to 84F. Early on Monday I visited the dentist to check on my teeth and they reckoned that was I was experiencing was normal but to contact the surgeon if things did not change in a few days.

I had intended to visit Scottish friends on holiday in Orlando but decided to postpone our meeting till my mouth was settled. This was just as well as they were having problems with their allocated villa and with colds picked up on the plane. They hoped to spend the day trying to get moved to a better place.

It now Tuesday and I had already planned to have Monday off as it was Presidents’ Day and Tuesday then became my ‘day off’. The skies are dull today so I slept in a while and even at midday the dullness continues.

I have a mountain of ironing to complete so maybe this is how I should entertain myself over the rest of the day!


One thought on “Tuesday 21 February

  1. Oh my poor friend. You will have to eat yoghurt etc. for at least two weeks for it to show any significant results! I hope you feel better now.
    You shouldn’t be so brainy then you wouldn’t have had all those teeth out!


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