Tuesday 4 April

It’s been almost a month since my last blog and boy have I been busy.

The best news is that a few weeks ago the noise from the apartment below got really bad. The tenants tend to return around midnight and then hang out on their balcony till the wee hours, even 6am! My bedroom is just above them!

I wrote to the managing agents and stated that they were in default of their agreement with me. I accused them of failing to enforce their rules about noise after 10pm and therefore I did not feel bound by their conditions. I wished to leave the property before the lease was up in October. Furthermore I requested that the notice period be reduced from 60 to 30 days. They agreed!

The effect of this is that I can look for property in the knowledge that I could be out soon. I moved my search area from the immediate area which I have come to like to one where there is no flood insurance and you get more for your buck. I have seen a few properties but there is no point continuing the viewing until I get pre-approved for a mortgage. Then I will be in a better negotiating position.

I have also discovered a very impressive realtor who has recommended an equally impressive mortgage consultant.

Last Saturday I visited my CPA (tax adviser) and left various documents with him. He must have completed my tax form immediately as I received the forms for signature in Monday’s post! Furthermore I will get $1000 back from the US taxman.

Easter is fast approaching and it doesn’t get any easier after all these years. This year after Saturday evening’s Vigil I will play for the sunrise Mass at 6am followed by all the normal Masses at 7.30, 9.30, 11am and 12.45 and 7pm. I’ll be knackered after that lot if I’m am not before we start. On the good side I managed to get all the printing for Holy Thursday and Good Friday completed last week and started Easter Vigil until the copier ran out of staples! Hopefully these will be delivered tomorrow and I’ll be able to resume. Time was not wasted as I managed to complete the powerpoint presentation for the music at the Sunrise and ‘overflow’ Masses. I also managed to collect from repair the laptop on which I am now typing. Now among other things I’ll be able to skype my mum again.

During Holy Week I’ll be at the cathedral twice for a rehearsal on Monday and subsequent Chrism Mass on Tuesday. I’ve re-written the ‘O Redemptor’ I did for Hallam Diocese and will send this to publishers soon along with some other ditties.

This morning I awoke to the news that Mairi Munro, one of the original four from the Wild Goose Resource Group of the Iona Community, had died. She had been living with a brain cancer for the last four years. I recall all too vividly the death of my sister Anne aged 40 after four years with other cancers. Mairi was only 50. It is a terrible way to leave this earth but new life is hers for sure. She lived life to the full and enabled those around her to live too, bringing laughter and serious attention to every encounter. God give her and those who love her deep peace.

In the last few years so many of my mentors have died that I really feel like the next generation. For that reason it was so great to meet up with my only surviving musical mentor Stephen Hicks when he visited me earlier in March to give a concert. I thank God that my mum is still bouncing around!

I’m sure that I have forgotten so much I meant to blog about but I’m so tired and need to relax away from computers, so that’s your lot, mate.


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