House Move Special

Monday 4 September

Monday would normally have been my day off but there was a funeral at 10am which I needed to attend to.

Once the funeral was over I was able to return home to do a bit more packing of boxes. During the afternoon I spent a couple of hours by the pool before visiting my local bar. I was feeling so tired that I did not stay long.

Tuesday 5 September

This was a work day and I spent the day preparing for the Sunday Masses and for the school Mass tomorrow. This also meant completing an adaptation of Psalm 95 for the Sunday. I also printed out the programs for the wedding on Saturday.

I had expected to hear from both the lender and my realtor about the impending house purchase but there was just silence.

Wednesday 6 September

The day started with a school mass during which the singing was just great. Following this I had an hour to prepare for another funeral. During the afternoon I returned home to rest for a while before returning in the evening to prepare for choir practice. During the afternoon I thought better f holding the rehearsal and cancelled it. This would have been the first rehearsal of the new season and since it was likely that the storm would hit us on Sunday I saw no point in wasting people’s time. In the event a few did turn up and one joined me at my bar for a drink or two.

Thursday 7 September

I went into work a bit later as I did not have much planned. I needed to hear from the lender what amount of money I needed to wire to the title company. At 1pm I did hear and they also told me that they wanted to close today! I then had to ring the insurers to ensure that I was insured a day earlier than I’d expected. This was not so easy as no insurance company has modified any policy with the hurricane imminent. In the event I did manage to get it changed and so I went to the bank to effect the transfer. Following this I met my Realtor to do the final walk through to check that everything was fine. Then having got the address of the office where I would close I drove there while my realtor got me a sandwich as I had not eaten since 7am. When I reached the address I became confused as there was no sign of any offices. Then my realtor realized that she had given me the wrong address (502 Linebaugh instead of 5020). There had been so many issues with my realtor that this last one was almost predictable.

At closing I was introduced to their realtor (almost as daft as my own) and the closer who was relaxed and competent. There were so many documents to sign but that was to be expected, I suppose.

I dropped into my bar to share my news and then returned home to prepare. A voluntary evacuation order had been put in place so I decided to move some stuff the following day.


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