Florida Fall

On October 17 there was great celebration as the newly opened ‘The Local’ reduced its prices and introduced all manner of enticements such as loyalty and happy hour. I still visit my old bar to keep contact with my friends there.

I attended the dentist for a check-up and to report some trouble with one tooth. After a quick inspection it was revealed that the tooth had split and I was staring at a large bill for another implant. Amazingly the dentist was able to extract and fill with a bone graft that same day. This means that I can begin the implant process in the new year which also means a new year for dental insurance allowances!

On October 19 I attended a food festival at a nearby Catholic Church. With 1500 paying $15 for each of three nights it was a great money spinner. The food was supplied by various local restaurants who were advertising themselves to a willing clientelle.

The weather is beginning to cool (though still in the mid 80s) so I busied myself in the garden discovering some amazing plants hiding in the shade of others.

By the end of October it was a month since the loss adjuster had visited to review the damage after Hurricane Irma. I had heard nothing so I contacted the insurance company. The adjuster had not filed his report yet! It turned out that he had failed to take pictures of the floor damage and had therefore sat on it. So now I am back on track and hope to hear something soon so that essential repairs can begin. I had t call the insurance out to refit the tarpaulin which had become dislodged after 6 weeks of Florida weather.

Over the first weekend of November I called out an engineer to look at the fridge freezer and dishwasher. In the end it was a bit if a waste of time and money and I found it cheaper to make the repairs myself … but at least I knew how to proceed having been advised by the engineer! The same weekend my i-phone malfunctioned but I was able to get a replacement posted the next day.

On my way to a funeral at a local church I took my foot off the brake and bumped the car in front of me. I followed her into a parking lot to assess the damage. The driver was a young female clearly on her way to the beach as she stepped out in only the skimpiest of bikinis. I felt like a sexual predator as I asked for her phone number … but you have to exchange details don’t you? I could not stay long as the funeral beckoned. During the funeral I realised that the deceased was a personal friend of Margaret Thatcher. I felt guilt by association.

The Rotel (high-end) amplifier which I had found in Goodwill and had repaired started overheating after 30 minutes. This was disappointing as the repair had been expensive. However I unusually found the repair receipt and warranty and was able to return it.

Another success was enjoyed after the Audubon Village had withheld some of my deposit claiming that I had left the apartment in an untidy condition. As evidence they had provided photos which showed dozens of high-heeled shoes (which I did not recognise) and dirty pans left on a granite top (which my apartment did not boast). I remember posting something about this on facebook and one of my friends remarked that they should be very afraid. It seems that some people have come to know my complaints letters!




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