Tuesday 9 January

I felt really ill when I awoke on Thursday which I had taken as a holiday. In addition it was really cold so I felt even more miserable. I couldn’t even join a party to which I was invited at Charann’s Tavern later that night. I wasn’t much better the following day. Everyone is talking about a strain of flu here which defies antibiotics and the flu jab. I’m sure I must have it. On Thursday I remembered my dad saying that you have to starve a cold but wa so hungry I cooked a meat stew!

For the last few weeks I have been looking at two pieces of furniture made by Ethan Allen (a chest and a beside table) which were for sale in my favourite store Goodwill. Initially one was $699 and the other $199. Then the price dropped to $499 and $79 respectively. The manager took me aside and advised me to wait until Sunday 7 January when they would be reduced again by 50%. It was a risk but on Sunday I arranged for a friend to be at the store when the doors opened and to purchase them. I didn’t expect this but he even delivered them and I was able to open my house with the cellphone and lock it again when he’d finished. Result!

The temperature on Sunday morning was 37f at 6am but by 3pm it was 68f so it would appear that the recent cold snap was on the way out. I was really happy with my choir today. They sang my ‘Canticle of Tobias’ and Bernadette Farrell’s ‘So certain star’ with real conviction. In addition the Cantors at each of the 6 masses excelled. It made a good day even better.

On Monday 8 January I had an early morning appointment to have my blood taken for lab tests. Just as I arrived at their office I got an episode of ‘floaters’ in my left eye. I have suffered this occasionally before but because I was in a doctor’s office I thought it was worth mentioning. The nurses struggled to draw blood and i wondered if that was related but a doctor urged them to take my blood pressure and it was a massive 155/100. Clearly I had suffered a ‘spike’ and this had affected my eye. I have to admit that I was very concerned and resolved to take action. I had only had one alcoholic drink since Friday so I thought this might be worth continuing for a while but I would also do some exercise.

I went into work and played for a funeral of a doctor. There were so many medical professionals at the funeral I felt in a safe environment. Thankfully I did not need their services. It was a great funeral with a large number of catholics and those who might not have been were very respectful.

After the funeral and because the Christmas season was officially over the poinsettia which had engulfed the sanctuary were ‘up for grabs’ so I managed to get quite a few and intend to plant them in my front garden which will look great next December! Back home I switched on the TV and found a series of episodes of Jules Holland’s ‘Later’. I love this programme and so missed not being able to watch the Hootinany each new year.

On Tuesday I awoke at 8.30am after the most unexpected long sleep. Whatever had happened to me yesterday had tired me out a bit! The temperature was already 61f by 9am and at 7pm was still 73f. I spent the day working on music for the next few weeks and also out together a proposal for an adaptation of the opening procession of Candlemas  which is also our Grandparents’ Mass on 2nd February. This Mass usually attracts about 1000 people so it is held in Higgins Hall also on our site.



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