Monday 9 April

Last week was great. Since I had done so much work over Easter I was able to relax a bit during the following week.

On Monday I pottered around the house but also spent some good time by the pool. I worked on Tuesday but was interrupted by two funerals.

Then I took the next three days off. Each morning I left early and took the kayak to a different place. On Wednesday I visited Fort Desoto which I had not done for quite a while. It was wonderfully peace out there. The power of nature was evident in the creation of new sandbars which almost linked to the mainland. In the evening I visited ‘glory days’ another local bar and enjoyed some IPA. I left very soon as locals were forecasting a mighty storm. In the event there was a definite downpour but it did not last long.

On Thursday I went to Dunedin Causeway from where I would paddle to Caladesi Island, a favourite spot. Unfortunately soon after I got out of the car I managed to lock my keys and phone into the car. By 11am the pop-a-lock woman arrived to rob me of $60 but return my keys. I then spent the rest of the day on the island watching the boats and fishing. Later that evening I dropped into my old bar and met with friends.

On Friday I returned to Dunedin without locking my keys in the car. I spent  all day on the beach reading and playing sudoko. Later I went to my local for pizza and a couple of beers before heading home for wine and a film.

I worked on Saturday but also had a wedding. It was a small affair but great fun. Few people sang but hey ho! I was also able to complete my US tax process by returning things signed to my CPA. Later that evening using liquid chlorine I shocked the pool which had been going green. Algae forms really easily in these high temperatures and I had not paid enough attention to it during the days when I was out on the kayak.

I awoke Sunday and did my usual stint of Masses followed by a Divine Mercy Holy Hour. By the time that had finished it was already 2.40pm and not worth returning home so I stayed at work. It was dark when I returned to add more chemicals to the pool to deal with the algae.. A fine bottle of red washed down an equally fine pasta.

Today is Monday and regular day off. By midday the sun had appeared through the clouds. It actually rained again last night. The pool was no longer green but littered instead with debris from trees blown off by the rain storm.

Since I have builders arriving in a week I spent some time clearing away anything fragile and made final plans for my cruise to the Bahamas next week. The more I read about this in reviews the more I feel that I have been taken for a ride. We’ll see next week!



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