Monday 14 May

The last week has been one of friendship, great weather and storms, family illness and work. But let me begin with the solar panels.

I got contacted by the finance people regarding the panels and, surprise surprise, the deal was not quite what I had been led to believe. There were hidden interest payments amounting to $5k which dissuaded me. They are still contacting me to try to secure the deal since in principle I am in favour but I have since also decided that it might be better to leave some money in the account for those unexpected events … like the next round of hurricanes!

I worked long hours on Tuesday, completing an arrangement for the weirdest group of instruments only a school can provide! Wednesday was as usual except there was another funeral and Ross would be returning from his trip around the south of Florida. I had taken Thursday and Friday off work so as to be present to my guest. The house that welcomed him was the same as he left a week earlier as the builders had not returned to complete the post-Irma works.

We barbecued some meat and tried a few beers before sleep arrived. The following morning I had a dentist appointment for routine cleaning. Ross waited in the car and then we drove to Anna Maria Island which he had wanted to visit. After a brief stop for coffee at the Bradenton end  we headed for the beach close to the Sand Bar restaurant where I had taken my brother Chris and family in July. We decided to walk along the beach until finding a nice spot to relax. After a while we continued on and stumbled upon a pier with a tiny bar in which the entire world seemed to be gathered. On closer inspection they were mostly English and so we fitted in just fine. The prices were good so I had a few as Ross was driving and then we returned to the car walking back along the beach. It was quite late by the time we got back to Tampa so we headed home for more barbecue and beer.

I needed to get my car serviced and a couple of slow punctures repaired so it seemed opportune to get it done while we had two cars available. Having dropped off my car we visited Goodwill (of course) and then stopped for breakfast at a very popular cafe and later when the garage called we went to collect the car. At some stage in the day we moved furniture around in the house. We would spend the rest of Friday around the pool. Beer started at 2pm, wine at 6pm and whiskey … I can’t recall!

I had to be in work early on Saturday and Ross wanted to go shopping in Orlando prior to his evening departure so we both left the house taking our hangovers in different directions. I had two ‘First Communion’ Masses for about 90 children. Then I had the usual Vigil Mass and went home …. to sleep!

Sunday went well and I was back home by 2pm. It was Mother’s Day in USA so my thoughts went to my own mum (not mom!). As I was returning home I’d received a message from my brother Pete advising me that his wife had had a TIA a few days earlier and that things seemed to be resolving themselves. Inevitably he was busy when I rang so I rang mum and spoke with her. Later, as I watched Chelsea being thrashed by Newcastle, I face-timed my brother Chris and we chatted a while, reassuring each other. He also mentioned that mum had had a bit of a ‘turn’ during the week, but of course she had not mentioned this when I rang her!

I awoke this morning and it was raining. It rained all day apart from an hour around 2pm. I have pottered around the whole day doing not a lot very purposefully!



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