Saturday 1 December

On Wednesday 21 November I had to play for the Thanksgiving Vigil Mass and another Mass at 8.30am the following day which was Thanksgiving itself. I had been invited out for a celebration lunch but in the end was so tired that I choose to eat at home … a beef curry!

On the evening of Friday 23 I had a wedding service. Thankfully it was very short. On the Saturday I spent most of the day preparing an address I would give for the Diocese later in December. Before leaving for vacation I had already sent the Morning Prayer and Mass programs. It was good to be welcomed back at church but the weekend was tiring.

During the Sunday morning I had sent a letter to my contractor. It did not go down well with the recipient who replied with legal threats etc. So on Monday I decided to drop in on his office and ask why he considered my letter so unreasonable. Unfortunately he was not around but I got a good listening from his secretary. Earlier in the day I had visited the dentist to have 3 crowns prepared. The dentist spent about 2 hours inside my mouth mostly trying to hold my tongue from getting in the way. As the anaesthetic wore off I began to realize just how much pressure had been applied. Later that evening I visited the bar and drank several low alcohol beers.

On Tuesday I was back at work again with a bruised tongue which would pain me for days.

On Wednesday I had one of the most surreal meetings I have experienced for years. I’d love to share more but you never know who is watching.

I visited the doc for a check up on Thursday morning and then did a funeral in Spanish. Later in the day I visited Jesuit High School to give two students organ lessons.

Friday was a day off and I slept in until 1030am. I had decided to give up drinking the following day so Friday night I decided to drink enough to provide adequate incentive to never touch a drop again. The discovery of the night was a fine Kentucky Whiskey called Angel’s Envy.

Saturday was a difficult day because Friday had been such a delight! I still managed to work the day but my energy was nil and the most active part of me was my insides! Enough said, I think.


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