Friday 26 July

Today is important for two reasons: it is the anniversary of my brother Chris’ marriage to Sue and it’s a day off! However this being the summer Florida expects high temps and loads of rain. In fact for the last few days it seems to have done little except rain constantly.

Since my last blog 2 weeks ago I have done a few funerals and weddings as you might expet. Somewhat surprising was a double funeral for an elderly couple, married 63 years and who died within 8 days of each other.

About 6 months ago I trod on something at the beach which punctured my foot. At the time I was in agony and as I limped into the dentist for an appointment my pain was noticed. The dentist proceeded to take a look at it and cleaned the deep wound. After a while I forgot about it but a recent visit to the doctor prompted me to seek advice. She sent me to a specialist who advised that I get an MRI done. But this would be expensive and achieve nothing except confirm what I knew, that there was something in my foot. I decided to wait until it bothered me more.

In June my health insurance changed so that dental and optical work would be covered by a different insurance. The dental insurance covered implants so this is my next project. I had one a few years ago but following an extraction two years ago I decided against an implant because the cost of $6k was to great. Now that the implant might be covered by insurance the negotiated cost in nearer $4k and $2k might be covered by the insurance. I’ll just have to wait to see what their decision is.

I had two real bargains recently. I collected a filing cabinet for use in my work office. It cost nothing but the donor said there were no keys. I found them inside a drawer! The other was a gift from a neighbor of 4 patio sling chairs but these came without the slings (the fabric stretched tight over the frame on which you sit). On Monday 22 July I set off on a mission. I visited an upmarket patio furniture store where they confirmed that the chairs would be worth investing in but gave me the contact details of a company who could do it more cheaply. So between Tuesday and Thursday I delivered the chairs and by Friday I had all four back and looking wonderful.

Last week I found myself at something of a loose end and didn’t want to set about tidying my office so instead I did what anyone would do and decided to use the time in composing the music for a patronal hymn to St Lawrence. I had discovered a text last year but time did not allow me to produce anything then. This year would be different. By the end of the day I had a version in English and another draft in Spanish. The following day I came back to it afresh and made some changes which though obvious had not dawned on me the previous day. I guess the same happens with crosswords puzzles when you return to a ‘sticking point’ after a break.

I did get around to tidying my office on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. On the surface there did not appear to be much change but all is better organized in the filing cabinets! I hope it continues thus.

I followed the UK prime minister ‘battle’ quite closely although there never seemed to be much of a contest. On the very day that Boris visited the Queen and May resigned over here amid equal media attention Robert Mueller was being grilled about his report into the Russian interventions into the election of Trump. Later that evening I watched a documentary about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and how much info they have on all of us because of careless words on the internet. These are interesting times and the internet is now becoming known to be the dangerous place may considered it to be years ago.

Every day in Trumpton reveals some new development which staggers me. Today I heard that Trump had agreed to serve as an intermediary between India and Pakistan. How he ever thought this request might be genuine is beyond me. But this is what happens when you elect a non-politician who has no real contact with world affairs.

I’m hoping that the weather will improve next week so that we might enjoy a return to temperatures which those in UK and Europe have enjoyed recently. I could do with a break but it is difficult to find a good time for one. I’ll be returning to England in early October so, friends and family, expect a call!

There is a bar called The Local which I patronised for over a year but which, because it is so expensive, I only now visit on Tuesdays and Fridays when they offer a BOGO on the first drink. Last Tuesday I discovered that if you visit the bar at 7pm, have two drinks (BOGO) before the shift change at 7.30pm you can have another BOGO in the following shift. That is where I am going now to raise my glass to Chris and Sue!



One thought on “Friday 26 July

  1. This is such a great blog. You seem to have covered everything. The foot injury is worrying and I hope it gets resolved. The teeth issue is an ongoing problem for both of us so I hope that insurance kicks in for you. Chris & Sue have reached yet another milestone together (28 years) and I have raised a few glasses and given them a few mentions amongst friends tonight. Yes, our weathers seem wildly different but in the north of blighty we have had heavy rain this afternoon which has given the ground a much needed soaking. I’m off to Chicago next week….no it’s the musical Chicago at Durham and playing 5 instruments like any good juggler. I’m always pleased to hear that you’re playing organ more often than you did in Sheffield. I imagine there is so much more satisfaction and no less hard work in your current employment. Long may it continue. All the best . Love Andy Jakob


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