Wednesday 23 June

Since I last posted 2 weeks ago not much has happened. In fact during the last week my lodger has been away at her daughter’s wedding and calm has returned to the Jakob Residence.

Two of my brothers completed their charity walk of the three peaks (Yorkshire) in aid of Alzheimer’s Research. My mum is living with this disease and is on our minds a great deal at this time. They managed this achievement in under 12 hours.

The weather has been strangely cloudy and the summer rains which began on cue at the start of June have been unpredictable. The garden and weeds have responded accordingly prompting me to get weeding today. At one point a storm blew through with a massive wind which came out of nowhere. Now that I have come in to type this blog it is really sunny. Did I mention that the weather was unpredictable?

Work continues to be enriching and my contributions well received. I am particularly pleased that two excellent singers have joined our Cantors. The latest even has a music degree!

I enjoyed being able to join Iona Community friends at the opening of the Abbey’s new guest facilities. Only 2 days ago I had more activity with Community members. I had not spoken with Jenie for a while and out of the blue and just as I was going to bed she messaged me. She had sold her house in Chesterfield and moved to fresh pastures in N Wales with great views towards the bay. Of course the move coincided with the summer solstice which she has always enjoyed. Later the same day I was prompted to call another IC member, Peter. Previous attempts had been unsuccessful so I was delighted to catch him. He was visiting the Orkney Islands and staying with another member, one of the most gentle men I ever met. Unfortunately the connection was not good so I missed the chance to speak at length. He rang later and we had a good, if typically off-beam, conversation.

Last Thursday I had electricians visit to finish the installation of the solar panels. This involved switching off the power so the energy company were also onsite. Unexpectedly they also changed out the electric meter to one which reverses whenever I generate electricity. When they left I expected everything to be working but I am not sure this is the case. The promised call back ‘within 24 hours’ from the solar company has not yet materialized after 48 hours which is annoying.

Last season Tampa took most of the sporting championships and this season also looks as though this might continue. the only American sport I understand is Ice Hockey and the local team Tampa Bay Lightning (Go Bolts!) is doing well again in the Stanley Cup. Two nights ago they beat the Islanders in the fifth game of 7. After tense earlier matches the score of 8-0 was not expected. Tonight I will watch the next game. Whenever the Lightning score the local bartender dances about shaking a rattle. For the last game I added 2 triangles and tonight will add 4 hand drums to the orchestra!


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