Friday 17 October

I rose early as I had to be at the Diocesan retreat Centre for the staff retreat by 0800 for a set up with musicians. In the event I got there at 0730 and was able to appreciate the beauty of the place.

Bethany Center

It was built in 2005 and rather puts Hallam’s equivalents in Bamford into perspective!

The view over the lake at this hour, with the mist rising from a warmer lake than the atmosphere is staggering … and it did improve as the day went on. You can see the Youth service buildings beginning to be illuminated by the rising sun.

Bethany lake

The chapel was in use when the musicians arrived so we rehearsed outside and got in to set up at 0830. The Mass would start at 0900.

Bethany Center Chapel

The day went well and I was back home by 3.30pm in good time to receive some furniture I bought last night. Next to Aldi’s there is a shop into which I ventured last night. Normally it would rent furniture out to folk but had some stuff for sale at low price since it was pre-owned. So I bought some lamp tables and 3 lamps. I spent the night in watching a film and went to bed contented with my lot!


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