Saturday 18 October

I rose earlier than the sun today and began to construct this blog from facebook reports. Heather, a Sheffield neighbour had suggested that I do this and indeed it was very easy.

Only yesterday did I learn how to put photos onto facebook so this is all rather exciting for this Luddite. I’m hoping to be able to put this blog onto facebook too … that may be too much for one day!

So it’s now almost 0900 and I’m up to date and ready for breakfast!

It’s now almost 9pm and since I last posted I’ve spent an hour at the pool and then went into work. The first hour was spent setting up for the 5.30pm Mass. which would be transferred to the Celtic Hall in the school as there was a wedding at 6pm in the Church.

I had my first wedding at 1.30pm. There were several processions before the bride entered and it all went well. Then I had a meeting with the Cantor for the 4pm Mass after which we walked over to the Celtic Hall to check arrangements. Fortunately while we were there the cover musician arrived in the person of Jo the cathedral assistant director of music.

I returned to the church for a bit of practise and fortunately the couple were delayed in arrival. It was a lovely wedding Mass albeit with a small number of attendees. I loved the way they raised their hands emulating the gesture of the priest at the nuptial blessing. I also liked the way the priest waited patiently and smiling while the small number exchanged an extended sign of peace with each other.

After the wedding I returned home somewhat tired. the heat does exhaust me, I’ve discovered.

I’ll be in bed within the hour as I’ll be up around 6.15am!

My brother Pete sorted my mum with Skype on her computer so I am hoping to have a face-to-face with her soon.


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