Monday 13 October

4 morning masses yesterday and then a relaxing afternoon putting the table and chairs together.

Today is a day off so I went to pay bills for phone and TV. This proved more difficult than you could imagine and several phone calls later I had instructions on how to proceed … in Spanish!

I also went shopping for a table cloth and mats. This was more successful and in the process I bumped into one of the tenors from the 1100 choir.

After lunch I spent time at the pool musing on the amount of work that had to be completed during tomorrow.

Now in the early evening I’m heading off to look at a digital piano I’d seen on craigslist. we need one for the 5.30pm Mass on Saturday which has been transferred to the Celtic Hall as the church will be in use for a wedding. The instrument turned out to be fine and cheap. The box in which the keyboard had initially been packed had since become a table in the vendor’s house. It was difficult to discern which caused her more grief … the departure of the piano or its box!

A week ago I bought two huge machines .. a washer and dryer. Tonight I decided to celebrate Columbus Day by using them and they worked just fine. Everything is unnecessarily big here and the thought of a washer dryer has eluded them completely.


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