Saturday 11 October

Yesterday was a day off so I headed off to Fort Desoto Reserve from where I got a ferry to a nearby island. I love islands … I was born on one but unlike England you are not as aware of the sea around you. Iona is like that however and maybe that is part of its attraction?

I returned home in time to fall asleep in front of the TV!

This morning it looks like being a sunny one again. It hasn’t been sunny all the time here … There was a lot of rain until a few days ago.

I had planned a domestic morning. Having gathered the courage to switch on the dishwasher I may even up my game to take on the clothes washing. I’ve had my washer and dryer for a week and still have not tried it … all the equipment is so different here and I feel rather untrusting of it.

I soon got distracted and starting looking at the internet craigslist (a bit like Gumtree back home). Well once I’d discovered that a guy in Tampa was selling a table and chairs which tickled my fancy, all aforementioned domestic plans went on the backburner. So I drove following my satnav and 45 mins later I was at the pick up with a very interesting professor of project management. My little car could only take the chairs, the table being too wide.

By 3pm I was at work with the first two of six masses. After the second Mass the Pastor gave me the keys for the truck and I was off into the wilds again. The items are now in my apartment and sometime in the next 2 days they will find their place. Right now my place is bed!


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