Monday 22 September

Today I returned to my new apartment and signed for it as my work colleague used to live there and had loved it! That done I dashed back for an entertaining lunch followed by a further dash out to complete the deal on an I-phone 6. Of course they’d sold out but while I was there I was also able to set up installation of internet and TV to my new apt. Then I returned the car to Deacon Cris and although it was raining strode out to set up a bank account. The bank closed as soon as I arrived. I didn’t take it personally and visited a car showroom finding myself strangely attracted to a Toyota Corolla. A few phone calls later I had an offer of another newer car which was also smaller. I’m hoping to close on that tomorrow. Will also return to the issue of bank account and social security. Also have a practice for Wednesday’s school mass. What a day!


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