24 September

Wednesday started early with my first public introductions to the school for their 0830 Mass. What a great experience it was and I added piano to the excellent guitar and vocals which animated the 600 children. After a further rehearsal for a special prayer liturgy on Sunday I returned to the apartment to sign up for electricity for my new apartment just before noon. At 1pm all the 17 staff gathered for a super lunch provided by Deacon Greg and his wife. Then followed an initial brain-storming meeting in anticipation of Advent.

My boxes arrived from Sheffield and so I started the task of sorting which were to go to the apartment and which for the office. as I moved them there were some ominous noises. It sounded as though there had been breakages.

Later in the afternoon I tried to pay the required deposit to initiate the electricity account, without which I would not have been able to collect the keys tomorrow. I was being run ragged by auto payment which didn’t recognise S47AJ as a UK ‘zip code’ for my payment card. Also I worried that having bought a car etc I may have exceeded my credit limit (daft really since I’d transferred oodles of money to the credit card last night). Having set up a current account yesterday with $100 I thought I’d try the bank for help.

The bank manager, Margarita, promised to ease my frustration and sort it as long as I continued to speak to her in my quaint English accent. She became as frustrated as me, the bank closed and the security was getting restless … but she’d promised and 90 minutes later we had success!

Back at the office I continued to unpack my boxes and loaded hungry shelves. Eventually I fled work and sought retail therapy in BestBuy and Walmart. I am now the proud owner of a Smart TV and a kettle. Nobody in USA seems to understand what a kettle is … they cannot conceive of one powered by electricity. They can put a man on the moon but can’t boil a kettle! Must sleep on that.
Good night!


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