Monday 29 September

Got to the office at 0845 and left 12.5 hours later! I learned during the day that I should prepare the music for next Sunday and into the future. It’s tricky doing this when you don’t know their repertoire yet.

Another task was to obtain a Social Security number which was not an immediate concern last week but should I expect payment for my services this would be necessary. Then I was invited to lunch with Deacon Cris and a couple of the priests … and very amusing it was too. I spent the rest of the afternoon sorting weddings and an order of service for Sunday.

It is good also to be invited to celebrate daily evening prayer with the staff in the office and then return to work again. I also received a document which intimated that Monday should be a day off … well maybe next week?

All is still going well except for the apartment’s electrics. I reported problems with some of the sockets yesterday but the promised visit by technicians clearly has not happened!


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