Wednesday 1 October

As you probably suspect from the fact that these reports have missed a day, life has become somewhat exhausting. I suppose much of this reaction down to the fact that I hadn’t really worked since the end of April.

I awoke yesterday (Tuesday) and decided on going to work later and explored instead the two pools at the apartment. One very close to me had been closed for a few days while they fitted a new pump so I was pleased to find this open. No one was there until a guy turned up to clean the pool.

I was in work by midday and was able to prepare for a meeting with the liturgy team in which they listened to my concerns and understandings and were most helpful and offered useful advice about timing the implementation. The meeting lasted 2.5 hours after which I had a rehearsal for tomorrow’s School Mass. After Evening Prayer I was able to send out a letter to the cantors inviting them for a rehearsal and informing them of the programme for Sunday.

Today I had to wake early as the school mass was at 08.30 which meant leaving at 7.30 for set up. I was pleased to be able to implement some of the ideas I’d raised at yesterday’s meeting. These included inventing a song which picked up on the homily. After Mass I was able to spend time with a colleague who introduced me to the sound system and to the rooms in the church which were designated for music use. My predecessor had his office in one so since my main office is now happily with the other staff I decided on making my predecessor’s the sound equipment room with space for folk to have a coffee etc. A second room would be the music library and the third for the bells. Upstairs is a rehearsal room.

In the afternoon I had a meeting with a wedding couple and then attended a diocesan course on safe environment (child protection) returning to meet with a cantor re Sunday. It was good to recognise him from the interviews. This was a long but enjoyable day. I was glad to get home over 12 hours after I left. Unfortunately I thought I had left my phone at work and returned for it … only to discover that it was was there in my case all along! Doh! I had to open some wine this evening to compensate for such stupidity!


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