Thursday 2 October

I slept badly last night so I went into work early and started to print the copies of the Order of Service for Sunday’s Mass. One of my colleagues had also started early and she told me there was a paper folding machine. So I went along with her and tried it.

After spending so much time in my previous job folding booklets this was truly astounding and done at such an amazing speed. If I could ever fall in love with a machine it would probably be one like this! I then had time to write an article on raising your voice to God for the Parish Bulletin of 19 October and then left for home via the bank and Best Buy where I bought a TV stand.

I caught up on a few zzzzs before being awoken by the agents at the apartment village who announced that I had won a coffee-making machine in the monthly draw. I would have to visit the agents tomorrow to have my photo taken with the aforementioned coffee maker,

I returned to the office in the evening to do a bit of practice before meeting up with another Cantor for a rehearsal. The air-conditioning in the church had failed briefly but enough to make it unbearable for any length of time.

In the evening I was able to put together the TV stand unit I had bought earlier before turning in for what would hopefully be a better night’s sleep.


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