Tuesday 7 October

Sunday went well and the 4 masses were well received. I made some changes to original plans to accommodate the unexpected from last night. I was free by 2pm so went out to purchase a lounge sofa suite. I had decided that the one I’d been given was not that comfortable.

Monday was my ‘day off’ but the diocesan priests’ meeting meant that the school mass had to be transferred to the morning so I was back again until 10am when I headed for Fort Desoto. This is a national park where the environment is cared for and birds flock. Today I saw herons waiting for morsels that might have been discarded by the fishermen and in the distance on a sand island masses of pelicans. The journey across Tampa Bay is astounding. The highway crosses the water for a few miles affording staggering views which only improve as you get to the ‘barrier islands’ off st Petersburg.

Tuesday I was back in the office planning for next Sunday and this week’s choir practice. I also had a music practice with the school. The local mosquitos really like my feet. I had to go out to purchase a supply of sprays and creams! In the evening I put together the sofa suite. I was struck by the absence of useful instructions so it was 1am before I turned in!


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