Wednesday 8 October

Today started with a continued brain-storming re Advent for our Advent Gathering early in December. It is so refreshing to allow time for this and for the Spirit living in each of us to air his/her views. Then followed the monthly Liturgy Committee meeting and a lunchtime meeting with a liturgical pianist. After a siesta like break in the afternoon I returned to the office to prepare my first choir practice. It went well and one of the singers works as a demonstrator in local stores and gave me vouchers for money off bottles of cider. Heaven!

Despite the sprays (and I have a lot) the mossies are still getting through and even tonight they were eating me from under the grand piano in church. If they can spend $80k on the piano perhaps they can spare a few dollars for extreme protection for me? I never imagined that my body could be so attractive so I supposed I should be flattered by the attention. If someone had brought a couple of mosquitoes on leads to the blessing of animals over the weekend I might have crowned them. So some unblessed family of mozzies continues to plague me … and I think they have messaged their friends … they’re everywhere. Hell!

O God of the mosquito, give me a break!


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