Saturday 25 October

I was in work by 9am trying to learn the oodles of music unfamiliar to me which had been selected for a funeral at 1030. In the event I was something of a soloist. Perhaps they were unfamiliar to many? After the Mass a woman approached me in some distress seeking advice from a fellow female. I am happy that the first woman I approached said ‘yes’ and went to her aid.

Back at the office after the Mass I was delighted to receive a Skype call from my good friend Sarah. When you are this far away from friends and family it is great to see them (I can’t speak for how it is for them!)

I made some significant headway in planning the music for the Evening Prayer and Blessing of Musicians we are hosting on the behalf of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians. As well as simple psalms tones it will also feature Haugen’s ‘When in our music’ and my ‘Always in your presence’.

By 3.15pm I was back in the church preparing for the 4pm and  5.30pm Masses. Mgr Higgins presided at the second of these. He’s a beloved of the parish … well he founded it in 1958 and is Chaplain for the local American football team! He retired 7 years ago but still celebrates mass and the successes of the Buccaneers.

In the evening I dropped into Aldi for some supplies and a Chinese restaurant for some comfort food.


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