Friday 24 October

It was a day off today so I got up later and took my time over breakfast. Then I headed for the beach around the corner with my new beach chair and a good book. Planes were landing at the nearby airport every 2 minutes, it seemed, but the peaceful atmosphere was not disturbed too much strangely.

I came home for lunch and then headed out to Clearwater to check 2 digital pianos I’d had my eye on. In the end I opted for the second. It was a much older instrument (Roland HP2700) but was the flagship model for a long while. As I drove away I realised that the owner had not packed the power lead. She has since promised to drop it off for me.

So now I’m back to the office to pick up a spare lead I saw there a few days ago and hope that that will suffice as there’s a funeral in the morning and much of the requested music is completely new for me. My neighbours will probably think I’m weird with all this deathly music emanating from my apartment.


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