Friday 21 November

Today was a great day.

It all started with a successful Skype call with my dear mum as she grappled with all that technology could ask of her. I miss being able to pick up the phone and chat so Skype is a good substitute.

Then I headed down to the beach but the clouds soon came so I returned home for lunch and phoned social security. I first applied for a social security number on 29 September and was told it would take 2 days. I was impressed but after a week I phoned the office and was told it would be a month after which I was later told it would take 6 weeks because I was a non-citizen. Today I rang and was informed that my card had been sent out on the very date I had applied but that it had been sent to the wrong address. I should visit the office again with all my documents.

So that’s what I did and with some trepidation caused by the full waiting room, I sat down. Moments later I was called to the desk and greeted (acknowledged would be a better word) by a young woman who was clearly looking forward to the end of her Friday and the catalogue of undesirables that came to her window. She expressed no apology but did sort things and even gave me the number I needed before getting the printed card in 10 days time.

I then stopped at a charity shop and bought a computer desk and a chair for about $60.

I went into the office announcing my legal status to all who might have been interested, printed out the Worship Aid for tomorrow’s funeral, ate a cookie and took up an invitation to join a select group of colleagues for a salsa class. Anyone who knows me well will know that I do not dance easily. I can recall Kathy Galloway desperately trying to teach me a few years ago to no avail. My three colleagues had bought in an excellent tutor and for the next 90 minutes we had his undivided attention. I really enjoyed it and nobody died.

After the salsa we went into town for a guided tour of downtown. It was a whole different world which I had not yet discovered. In due course we got to a restaurant and had a genial meal. My dear colleagues insisted on paying for me!

I returned home for a soupcon and a film going to bed a little early as I would be up early for a yard sale in the morning.


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