Sunday 23 November

Well yesterday’s Yard sale was a waste of time. I don’t know how she had come by her stock but if coffee makers and photo frames floated your boat then you should have been there. For anything else, forget it!

On my way in to work I stopped at the Goodwill Store where I bought a computer desk and a chair.

Then I did a bit of re-drafting of a Worship Aid for a wedding, printed the one for a funeral which I then play for. In the afternoon I got on with some work since this week was Thanksgiving and the world seems to close down for all except the musician! The office may close but they still want me at Mass! So I thought that if I did 3.5 hours today then I might be able to be good to myself during the week.

I was getting a bit hungry by 3pm when the phone rang and it was someone who wanted to discuss Tuesday’s funeral. Some of my colleagues took pity on me and found me some food … it was a real take of the 5000 … and I was fit for the two evening Masses. I had decided to play Crown Imperial by Walton and it went well despite precious little time to practise … after 7 masses it would, doubtless, be perfect!

I was home by 7.30pm and watching a film and in bed by 10pm.

Today, Sunday, I awoke thinking of John Bell! It was his birthday a couple of days ago and I had forgotten it so I sent off an email just to assure him that I was still alive and to wish him HB.

Then it was a mad dash in to work to play for the first of 4 masses. There were a lot of people at mass today. The 0930 had a new singer newly arrived from Washington and today we had 3 violinists from the Dil Family and one flautist … so I called it the ‘Dil plus One Orchestra.’.At 1100 the Choir were on good form despite there being a few away with illness. The 1230 was great with a dynamic old priest, Fr Rock, who is a great Presider and homilist and so gracious in his thanks. My previous ‘boss’ could have learned many lessons from him.

On my way back home for a break I stopped at the Goodwill again and found just the right size of desk unit (long but not deep) which I could hide in one of my walk-in cupboards but use with the doors open. Now I’ll just have to find someone who can help me shift it up 3 floors to my apartment. Back home I received a Skype from Corrie. It is good to keep in touch with folk from UK so I do encourage Skype. Let me know if you’d like my address.

I had thought of stealing a few zzzs before returning for a rehearsal and the last of Sunday’s mass onslaught! In the event I had a Skype with Kieran Fallon of Worksop and spent the remaining time shifting the Goodwill desk from my car to its new position.

When I did get to the church I had to relocate the rehearsal to another room as an Hispanic family grieving the loss of a young member from a motorbike accident had decided to say the rosary for him. Today we had violin, trumpet and a professional pianist creating a wonderful decoration to the assembly song. The Deacon started the homily by saying that this was the last homily we’d hear this year. Call me strange but I broke into an ‘alleluia’!

I returned home and celebrated a good day by opening a bottle, with which I would accompany a Skype with Peter Coats, a friend from the Iona Community currently writing his memoires in Jamaica!

Then came the TV and an opportunity to watch Chelsea win again!


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