Friday 28 November

The school is closed this week so there was not the usual urgency in rising this morning. However I did get in reasonably early in an effort to enjoy as much of thanksgiving as possible. In the event I worked until about 2pm and went home for a breather. My new tenant had been able to sign the contract during the day so I went home to receive messages which were a relief. However I also got one message that indicated that my dear mum (or mom as they ridiculously say over here) was not well with and infection. Just before I left I was relieved to discover that she was back home and set for recovery. I was back for the 7pm Vigil Mass which was followed by choir practice.

Thursday was a ‘day off’ but I had a Mass in the morning. It was well attended and I was able to offer a song from Iona (Glory and gratitude) for them to sing at home. Back home I became a bit domestic and then attended a family dinner with one of my cantors.

The starters included prawns and stuffed mushrooms. Then at the table we had turkey with all the trimmings, and I do mean ALL. I left around 6pm and returned briefly before joining friends at a local bar for a couple of beers. Then I was back home to a French red and a movie.

I woke late this morning, enjoyed a full breakfast and explored the TV. I have had it for almost 2 months but not had the time to play with it. I was delighted to discover the channel which hosts Chelsea TV so now I am able to indulge in my favourite team more easily. It was good to spend the morning in the apartment while outside the world was manic with ‘Black Friday’. This is apparently black because there is an illusion that American is in credit and this day is one of sales and queues and disappointments as folk discover that what they are queuing for has been sold out last night! It is good to avoid such mania.

Parents from the school gave me a pecan pie a few days ago so I’ve been chomping away at it since then. I’m now half-way through the challenge! Slightly disturbed by feeling that I should get my domestic cleaning self to work again I escaped for some restrained retail therapy returning in the early evening. The guilt is still there so I suspect I’ll be cleaning the kitchen etc soon.

It was good to receive a message from Christopher Walker’s partner. Clearly CW is as busy as ever.

On my Bose docking station Bob Dylan is playing ‘Live at Budokam at’. It was good of him to pop in. This is perfect music for cleaning and preparing a meal so I’d best get on with it.


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