Tuesday 25 November

I slept really well last night and enjoyed the fact that I had forgotten to set the alarm. The breakfast news indicated rioting and protests were widespread over the non-indictment of the police officer who shot dead a black youth in August.

I was in work at 9am and then played a funeral at 11am. When I drove in the rain was quite heavy. By 11am it was a downpour. After the funeral I returned to the office but then got reminded about an invitation from the Parish Seniors’ Club to share a Thanksgiving dinner. It was a splendid affair and my first such dinner with turkey, sweet potato (and meringue!) green beans and cranberry jelly. I had a good chat with the old folk on my table. I think they liked my accent! They were very interested to hear about HM the Queen, who, as you know, is a personal friend of the family.

I returned to my desk to find a few emails from my lettings agents. Of course everything is last minute with them and they seem to have overlooked the 5 hour time difference! I am hoping to have the tenant sign tomorrow.

I spent the rest of the afternoon (till 8pm) sorting out instrumental parts for next Sunday. Shortly before 8pm there was an almighty thunderclap. The fact that my office has no windows prevented me from appreciating the seriousness of this and it dawned on me why I was the only one daft enough to remain. The grounds were deluged and the walk to the car got me thoroughly soaked. At the traffic lights I idly selected the weather forecast on my iphone and the screen showed life-like lightning flashes. They were not wrong … it was a wonderful display in real life!

I got home after a careful drive and watched TV before retiring at 11.30pm … late for me.


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