Wednesday 21 January

I awoke on Tuesday after a good sleep and was in work by 9am. By 1130 I was enjoying a lunch break with colleagues and then had a funeral. This time the funeral was not delayed and after it I was able to prepare a bit for the school liturgical music practice. Today we looked at ‘Come bring your burdens to God’ (Iona), my psalm ‘You are a priest for ever’ (with the kids pointing at an imaginary priest!), Song from Walker’s Stories & Song 2, Eucharistic Acclamations, Jesus you are bread for us (CW) and Goodness is stronger than evil (Iona). After that I prepared some scores for choir practice and tried to get the Worship Aid printed for Sunday but the printer was malfunctioning.

In the early evening I had been invited to a local church for the welcome concert of their new musician, Kevin Keil. Kevin is quite a big name over here and I hope to meet up with him again soon. The reception afterwards featured some great cookies but both events meant I missed the Faith & beer event happening elsewhere!

I rushed home to watch Obama’s State of the Nation address. What is happening to me?

Today I awoke early after a night of broken sleep. I managed to message my Danish friends just before they left for Goa. I had shared so many holidays in Goa with them that it is a real mutual wrench not to see them this year. I will Skype Annette and the family on 27 Jan when traditionally we celebrate her birthday.

I was in work by 7am setting up for the Mass and printing the Sunday music sheet. The Mass went very well and within 10 minutes of it finishing I was off home. It was a wonderfully sunny day and I was not due in until 3pm for a meeting about silence! In the event the meeting was cancelled and I had an extra couple of hours at home.

I was in work by 5pm and in choir practice at 7.15pm

This all went well and after the rehearsal I went home to relax.


One thought on “Wednesday 21 January

  1. Hi Phil – sounds like another full week. However I have a few observations and comments:

    Song 2 strikes me as an odd choice for liturgical music practice. I think there are other Blur songs that would lend themselves to a choral treatment, such as Beetlebum or Country House. But glad to see your still “pushing the envelope” as they say in corporate circles.

    You missed the Faith and Beer event? Shame on you! I have just returned from the Wheatsheaf – they had the beer but the Barmaid was called Susan, I think..

    How did you know that the 3pm Slience meeting was cancelled. Did someone pop round and do a mime?

    Lots of love


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