Saturday 24 January

Thursday was a ‘day off’ in lieu of Monday’s national holiday falling on a day off. I awoke when my body clock informed me and pootled about the apartment for a while.

You may recall that last week I bought a Yamaha Superwoofer system? Today I tried to get it to work! Having downloaded the manual I realised that I needed an amplifier and speakers to work alongside it! This was turning out to be more expensive than I had planned but thanks to Goodwill thrift shop I was able to develop things cheaply. I picked up some speakers and now all I need is the amplifier which should come into Goodwill some time soon!

In the evening I was back at the church for a J&P Mass to celebrate LIFE. I had not chosen the music and the choices included a few I did not know so 30 minutes of preparation was well-used! For all the hype very few people attended and I had to muse that it was a pity that the RC church is so celebrated for its stance on abortion, perhaps to the extent of other areas of injustice. I was particularly pleased to hear the Pastor widen it to the death penalty.

On FridayI managed to Skype my mum and eventually went down to the beach. It was very windy, a foretaste of what was to come later on. In the evening I attended a charity dinner funding a Cristo Rey school in Tampa. There are already 30 such schools in USA dedicated to providing quality education to those enduring poverty. The education is part funded by each student working 5 days a year with consenting employers. It took place at the Salesian Church in Tampa and also served to honour the ex-pastor at St Lawrence. It was ironic therefore that this was also the day on which the current Pastor announced that he would be moving at the end of May.

I returned home just before the rain. The wind picked up terrifically and kept me from sleep a while.

On Saturday I pottered around again. It was still very blustery outside. I discovered the SPAM folder on my emails and was horrified to find several messages there which needed my attention.


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