Tuesday 27 January

Saturday afternoon continued with the answering of emails and I am pleased to say that a friend who has got a cheap holiday to Orlando will be dropping in on me soon.

The Saturday and Sunday masses proceeded as usual with the choir in particular doing a good job at the 1100 and the young instrumentalists getting a special clap at the 7pm Mass.

Monday would ordinarily have been a day off but with some additional events this week I thought it better to take Thursday off instead. So I spent Monday preparing the worship aids for the next 2 weeks and for tonight’s ‘Ring’ Mass of the Tampa Catholic High School. There had been some communication about this and once it seemed there was agreement the goalposts would change and we had to start again. In the event I seized the initiative a presented a fait acomplis for which, in the event they were most grateful.

Folk arrived early for the Tampa Catholic Mass and having learned unfamiliar music myself I played some Bach and Clerambault beforehand. Then there was a procession of 180 students to the G major Fantasia of Bach. There were some amusing moments and also some awful moments. In terms of outfits the girls of course made a real effort to the extent that I thought I was at the Oscars! I had spotted their intention to sing the ‘school song’ at the end. All was going reasonably well until then as my Pastor (an old alumnus) led it from the microphone. Then towards the end and en masse the boys erupted into shouts thus derailing the song in a very raucous manner. The earlier ‘sign of peace’ was a similarly extended ‘love in’ that was uncontrolled. I decided against playing Widor’s Toccata at the end as they had clearly decided not to sing the final song (‘We will make a difference!’). In any case it was 8.30pm.

Back home I checked my mail box to discover a letter from the dental insurance. The total bill for the work proposed was $10,298. I may have to reconsider!

Tuesday morning started early with a Skype call to my friends in Goa. 27 January is always a big celebration for my friends there. The Bue family from Denmark celebrated the birthday of Annette every year. I skyped them at what was 7.30am here and 6pm there! They had started with G&T and would soon be joining others. I was pleased to learn that Martin & Jill were maintaining my tradition of supplying a Christmas pudding and that Steen was supplying the red wine.

That done, I could go to work happily!


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